Classic Open Water Cup

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Tradition, culture, as well as diversity represents our collection of classic events. Step lakes, reservoirs and rivers surrounded by scenic landscapes or skyscrapers in cities form the scenery for our swim events. The scenery are landmarks in the swimming history of the region but nevertheless leading edge in the swimming community of today.


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Overview Prices/Goodies for the Podium

Thanks to our sponsors we are able to provide prices worth more than 2500 € for our age group winners and overall winners. Most of the age groups and overall can be influenced with the last participation

Overview Prices for the podium
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Final Ranking 2017

of the  Classic Open Water Cup after 6 events, Stubenbergsee, Wien, Mörbisch, Brünn, Olttensteiner STausee and Lake Lipno CZE


Overall men

1. Norbert Nagl, SU Wien /A, 3040 Punkte

2. Theo Marot, SU Baden/A, 2640 Punkte

3. Martin Weghofer, Three Giants/A, 2620 Punkte


Overall female

1. Linda Ungerböck, VAS/A, 3000 Punkte

2. Pamela Kurz, Mili Sports/A, 2990 Punkte

3. Doris Adelmann, Milli Sports/A, 2290 Punkte


Final Ranking Overall after 6 events
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Final Ranking Age Groups after 6 events
_CLASSIC OWC Results Age Group after 6 E
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Stubenbergsee, Steiermark

7 th of May, 3,8 km

The classic start of the open water scene. Swimmers and triathletes have been celebrating the season opening in the Styrian highlands for years in typically already very comfortable weather.

Vienna Open Water

30 th of May, 3,8 km

Swimming in the city with the highest quality of life, without much effort. The event takes place on the side arm of the Danube river, with the event on the Danube Island. Enjoy the flair of the Vienna City Beach Club and the unique silhouette of Vienna,     

5. Schwimmfestival Neusiedler See, Mörbisch am See

23rd - 25 th of June, 3,5 km Crossing Cup/5 km

The most encompassing swimming event 10 competitions for every level of length and experience. Based on the classic sea crossing, the Schwimmfestival in Mörbisch celebrates its 5th annivasary of the extended festival


For our long-distance swimmers

• 3,5 km Lake crossing Illmitz - Mörbisch

• 5 km around th Island



Both distances are part of the European Championship of the Global Swim Series

Brno, Czech Republic                    43. Garoma+ Marathon

2nd July, 5 km  

The Garoma+ Swimming Marathon represents a traditional competition at the reservoir near Brno which is now already in its 42nd year. The race is also a great opportunity to get to know and enjoy the beautiful city of Brno. Brno is a longtime partner of the Czech OW Cup with some excellent swimmers at the start line.


Backwaterman, Austria   Reservoir, Ottenstein

8 th July, 7 km

July 8, 2017, 7 km and 14 km

The classic event of the long-distance scene with strong international participance. Already carried out 11 times, the event impresses with its unique natural surroundings in the Ottenstein reservoir

Venusschwimmen, Österreich, Wachau von Melk nach Spitz

29 th July 2017, 15 km Show-Swim

Enjoy the unique landscape of the Wachau between Melk and Spitz from a new perspective. Gerhard Schubert is taking up the challenge of 2017 for the media preparation for the first competition, which will take place in July 2018.

13 th Lipno Long Distance Swim, Czech Republic


6th of August, 5 km Cup (3 km/10km) 

final Cup ceremony of the Classic Open Water Cup

Our final event will take place at the beautiful lake of Lipno. One of the best organized events of the Czech OW Cup invites you to a two day lasting swimming festival. Located close to the Austrian Boarder  and nearby the remarkable city of Krumlov, this location  is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the final event of our cup together. On saturday evening there will be a get-together of the "swimmer family" followed by the start of the final 5 km of the Classic Open Water Cup on Sunday.




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Anyone who starts over a cup distance will be scored in the cup. 
Max. 4 of the 6 events will be awarded. The score and the current ranking are published continuously on this page. Neo and Non-Neo are scored together in 3 classes (U23, - 39, - 49, 50 +).
The first 3 of all age groups and overall receive trophies or medals and goodies worth around € 1000.