Alpe- Adria Open Water Cup


BEST OF of 4 countries

sea & lakes a unique combination 

The unique combination from sea and lakes which invites everybody to spend a relaxing weekend to combine swimming, enjoying and relaxing in marvelous surroundings.

Our speciality:

Early in the season swimming in the warm Carinthian lakes and on the contrary swimming at the end of the season in the warm sea while enjoying the fascinating flair of 4 different countries.


Motto: heart what do you want more .. 


Ranking after 4 of 5 events - next stop Piran 10.9.

3 of 5 events will count for the final ranking. The Trophies, Medails and prices can only be given at the final ceremony in Piran.

Alpe Adria Cup - Final Ranking Overall after 5 of 5 events - next stop Porec 2.9.
_Alpe Adria Cup Results Overall after 5
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Alpe Adria OW Cup - age groups final after 5 of 5 events
_Alpe Adria Cup Results Age Group after
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May 27,  SWIManiak, 4,5 km

Swimming in the warmest swimming lake of the Alps. The cause has 1,5 k loops, therefore also variations of 1,5km or 3km are an option in the same competition. A new fun distance enables your family to participate as well. The whole event invites you under the motto "just open water".

You will find the race report in german with following link.

as well as all results of the various distances

Kostrenia/Rijeka, Croatia

June 18, 8th Kostrenski plivački maraton, 4 km

Croatia has a lot of tradition in swimming and wonderful coves, especially in the Kvarner Bay. The CroCup and the Kvarner Cup have existed for many years. Event Manager Milos has a lot of experience as he organizes not only a whole series in the region, but regularly also European Championships in Rijeka.


Barcola/Triest, Italy

July 1, Triestinanuoto, 4 km Cup /3km FINA

One location, lots of opportunities for swimming. In the morning the 3 km distance (also part of the Italian Cup), which can only be joined with FINA license and medical certificate . In the afternoon the 4 km distance represents the Alpe-Adria Cup challenge, which is open to the public swimmer and triathletes - without license but requires medical certificate. In any case no Neo is allowed in both competitions (water temperature is usually above 24 degrees). On sunday only  a few kilometers away Monfalcone ( offers additionally several distances (2,8 km/5,2 km) for those swimmers who like to master at least 10 km for the whole weekend.

Registration 4 km Alpe- Adria Open Water Cup
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Registration 3 km according to FINA Rules
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Registration Monfalcone, 3rd July, 3 km+ 5km
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Porec, Croatia

September 2, 5 km Cup, Porecki Delfin

The Poreč Dolphin is a swimming challenge for everyone. The Porecki Delfin as part of the CRO Cup offers you strong competition. Your family can join with shorter distances at this mega event which has more than 1000 swimmers. This classic holiday and training city is a beautiful destination to prolong your swim season and combine it with some days off. Your participation ensures you a medal and a t-shirt. 

You can swim with fins, on a float, freestyle, or backstroke ... choose the length of the course yourself


Attention: CRO Cup and Alpe Adria Cups starts together, overlapping starters can also be ranked within the Alpe Adria Open Water Cup








Piran, Slovenia

September 10, Biserov Maraton, 5 km

One of the most beautiful small towns in Europe invites you to the final event in a picturesque setting and italian atmosphere. Enjoy the warm sea with us and discover the many treasures of the Slovenian dream city.


Photos from the previous year


application in german and english
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Regulation: Anyone who starts over a cup distance will be scored in the cup. 
Max. 4 of the 6 events will be awarded. The score and the current ranking are published continuously on this page. Neo and Non-Neo are scored together in 4 classes (U23, - 39, - 49, 50 +).
The first 3 of all age groups and overall receive trophies or medals and goodies worth around 1000 €

€ 1000.