At a glance

As part of the Open Water Series, we offer 3 different cups:


1. The International Open Water Majors - which focus on longer distances with international participants

2. The Classic Open Water Cup- which offers shorter distances especially in the east/central area of Austria

3. The Junior Open Water Cup - which offers beginner distances for ambitious club swimmers between the ages of 10 and 17


5-7 competitions at 5-6 events are available in the Majors Cup 2022.

A maximum of 4 of these will count. You can score points at the Backwaterman on Saturday and Sunday. At least 2 competitions must be swim for the cup ranking.


5 - 6 competitions are available at the Classic Open Water Cup. Of these, a maximum of 3 count - at least 2 must be swum 3-4 competitions are available for the Junior Open Water Cup. My. 2 in the score and at least 2 must be swum.



International Open Water Majors 2022 preview



Stubenbergsee, Austria

The classic start event


Date May 22nd

Distances: 1.9km, 3.8km/ 5.7km

Registration: opens at the middle of March



Lake Balaton Bay Crossing, Hungary - Open Water Tournament

Date 25th of June 2022

Reservetage 23.6, 3.7.


Reservation: Balatonalmádi Budatava beach


Races 9K/ 3K | Balatonalmádi Budatava beach link



17th Backwaterman Open Water 1st-3rd July 2022

Registration open


New 3 days - 3 lakes Kampseen Challenge


- The classics at the Ottenstein reservoir 7km and 14km open water

- River swimming on the Dobra

- New swimming at the Thurnberg reservoir



Lake Constance Open Water Crossings :

there are several dates over 2.5/5/10/11/22 km on the program


Counts as a cup competition for the majors

July 23, 2022 Friedrichshafen-Romanshorn (BOW Swim Festival), 11 km



5th Bled Swim Marathon 2022 Bled, Slovenia

Distances 5km, 1.5km


Appointment open



10th Lake Neusiedl Swimming Festival

with 31st lake crossing


Date 10./11. September


Lake crossings 3.1 and 6.2 km

"for everyone"

SwimRun competitions

Kids competitions